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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey my WONDERFUL followers, hope you have been going well lately. before i continue to RAMBLE on about the insignificantys of life, i would like to HONOUR something that's actually IMPORTANT! everybody, the Bowdens have come home!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! if you're actually a Bowden who is actually reading this, welcome back!! i have missed them all a LOT so its good to know they're back safely into my life (from a trip around Oz). on that note i shall begin my ramblality of today.

the most cReAtIvE thing i've done lately is to have made a bag (i know, THIS gal can do stuff)! the BRAVEST thing i have done is go into the inner depths of my bag for going to visit mum, and the most UNUSUAL thing was hold a guinea pig, and attempt to hold a chicken. after this fun experience i proceeded to step in dung but WONDERGRANNY helped me to safely disinfect my connies! ooh, and eat rainbow icecream @ grandma's! tomorrow i get to go on a plane, too. yippeeeyioww. the song on my heart today isn't actually a song, more of a hum. da da da da, do do do do, da da da da, do do do do, da da da DA, da da da da! if you understood that i must say you are very musically talented, because i had trouble even WRITING it! goodnight to all, and if you will continue to read my blog, you are very cool! :D HARDYHAHAHA
bye bye everyone, now go have some fun
okdokey go play some pokey... er poker. but poker doesn't rhyme ):
aah well i could have just said bye.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hey guys so this must be a significant momemt in your history if you are reading this right now! Taylor Hopping has finally gotten a blog. well, if facebook doesnt count. gosh, if it was me who was reading this, i'd be YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ing so much that i'd get a call from JULIA GILLARD to tell me to shut up so she can keep thinking up ways of destroying her fellow labour partiers's hopes of ever being prime minister. lol.
so yeah this is my outlet. a place where i can tell the world my hopes and dreams. a place where i can EXPRESS myself, where i can RAMBLE on for hours without anyone to stop me. well to be honest, that feels weird. instead i'm just gonna tell you about my musk experience! ok, so if you have read that latest version of Frankie magazine (i dont ACTUALLY read it, just look at the pretty stuff until i find something like a recipe), you will know that there was a musk stick recipe in it, so i decided to make it. i had all the essential ingredients (flood colouring, editable gelatine, glucose syrup, icing sugar), except for the main: musk FLAVOURING. so all in one day, my musks went from a)musk sticks to b)musk hearts to c) PEPPERMINT hearts to d) peppermint blobs. yummy! but i mostly dictated (or read out the recipe) while nanny actually did it, so all credit to her! other than that today, i have caught up with cousins and a granny, gone to creche at church, and watched some gilmore girls! :) stay tuned for next time my lovelies and hope you were entertained by my little ramble. and if you're Julia Gillard; sorry! i'm totally gonna get dad to vote for you in the next election. bye bye for now. xx :) and my song for today is Keith Urban's Blue Jeans! i've been humming this all day. i love you all bye