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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey my WONDERFUL followers, hope you have been going well lately. before i continue to RAMBLE on about the insignificantys of life, i would like to HONOUR something that's actually IMPORTANT! everybody, the Bowdens have come home!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!! if you're actually a Bowden who is actually reading this, welcome back!! i have missed them all a LOT so its good to know they're back safely into my life (from a trip around Oz). on that note i shall begin my ramblality of today.

the most cReAtIvE thing i've done lately is to have made a bag (i know, THIS gal can do stuff)! the BRAVEST thing i have done is go into the inner depths of my bag for going to visit mum, and the most UNUSUAL thing was hold a guinea pig, and attempt to hold a chicken. after this fun experience i proceeded to step in dung but WONDERGRANNY helped me to safely disinfect my connies! ooh, and eat rainbow icecream @ grandma's! tomorrow i get to go on a plane, too. yippeeeyioww. the song on my heart today isn't actually a song, more of a hum. da da da da, do do do do, da da da da, do do do do, da da da DA, da da da da! if you understood that i must say you are very musically talented, because i had trouble even WRITING it! goodnight to all, and if you will continue to read my blog, you are very cool! :D HARDYHAHAHA
bye bye everyone, now go have some fun
okdokey go play some pokey... er poker. but poker doesn't rhyme ):
aah well i could have just said bye.

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  1. Oh what a wonderful blog from a wonderful girl. Really looking forward to seeing you soon and hope that you had a good time up north. Love you